From the beginning to the present day

Wilhelm Trautner began purchasing fruit and vegetables from the local Franconian area in 1946, after the war. He supplied these to the domestic markets and canning factories. He was particularly committed to the interests of Franconian cherry farmers.

Over the years, the number of industrial clients rose steadily. He began with imports from South Tirol and France, which were needed to satisfy growing demand.

Trautner established Obst Trautner GmbH in 1972 and, together with his wife Anni, began importing fresh fruit from the Eastern Bloc. Encouraged by the positive development of the business, they expanded the product range to include frozen fruit from the former Czechoslovakia and later also from Hungary, Serbia, Lithuania and Poland. The raw produce was distributed between cold stores in Hungary and Serbia and an office was opened in Budapest (see “International”).

Through the co-founding of the ULB (Bavarian Investigation Committee), Obst Trautner GmbH had already committed itself voluntarily to the self-checking of fruits for pesticide residues in 2002.

Wilhelm Trautner retired 2005 from the management and since then his daughter Iris Trautner together with Anni Trautner continued to run the business. The old contacts with clients as well as to supplier were kept, as trust, honesty and reliability will always have future.

In 2007, the product range was expanded to include organic fruit.

The company was one of the first in Germany to gain IFS Food certification and, at the end of 2009, succeeded in gaining the higher level IFS Broker certification.

Since 2014 is Obst-Trautner also activ in Bulgaria and is succesfull with good partners. To enlarge the productrange in 2017 the purchase of fruits from Bosnia and Herzegowina was started.

Founder Wilhelm Trautner